September 06, 2014

KST: The Canadian KISS podcast summit

Des, Lee and Adam from KISStory Science Theatre are Cassius' special guests. Or is Cassius from Creatures of the Net KST's special guest? Either way it's the first ever in person KISS podcast crossover and everyone had a lot of fun.

August 27, 2014

KST Saturday Night's Minisode: The Birthday Bash

We're back, bitches! Des and Adam were recently kickin' it oldschool celebrating Adam's (and Gene's) birthdays, and decided they'd better give a present to everyone else, too! Life gets in the way sometimes, but nothing can stop the rock!

August 01, 2014

Kisstory Science Theatre: KISS Killers

Down on your knees! The KST gang take a look at the KISS album that ignored North America- KISS Killers!

July 17, 2014

Kisstory Science Theatre's Super Summer Special

It's time for a fireside chat with Lee,Des and Adam as they celebrate the summer season with the Super Summer Special! With KISS talk,questions from the listener mailbag, outtakes and a few choice live tracks the boys have been listening to lately for good measure, this is KST's biggest podcast yet. Enjoy!

June 26, 2014

KST Saturday Night's Minisode: Hate

In a long overdue followup to the "Walls of Jericho" minisode, Des, Lee and Adam each run down their bottom 10 KISS songs. Warning: no matter who you are, there is a pick in here that will make you mad.

June 20, 2014

Kisstory Science Theatre: Unmasked

In this episode: Alex Van Cleef returns! The crew abandon the Fortress of Chaos for the summer splendour of the Fortress of Madness (Des' garage)! Unmasked is discussed and debated at great length! This one's a doozy.

May 27, 2014

KST Saturday Night's Minisode: You're All That I Want

Get your wallets out with Adam and Des as they look at what their ultimate special edition of each KISS album would look like.