December 04, 2014

Kisstory Science Theatre: Rock and Roll Over

The KST boys take a long overdue look at the 1976 album Rock and Roll Over, it's ensuing tour, and the strange place this album has in KISStory.

November 13, 2014

KST Saturday Night's Minisode: This is us not caring

Breathe in. Breathe out. Relax. Why can't some people do this? Adam and Des have a conversation about the negativity that seems to surround KISS, whether it be between band members, between army members, or from the "outside world".

October 28, 2014

KST:Attack of The Phantoms Commentary

It's Halloween time again!!! As fans, you always win!!! The boys from Kisstory Science Theatre; Des, Adam and Lee bring you a commentary on the THEATRICAL cut of the KISS motion picture ATTACK OF THE PHANTOMS! Much beer is consumed, new thoughts discussed and plenty of laughs. Happy Halloween!!
KST Commentary - Attack Of The Phantoms from Kisstory Science Theatre on Vimeo.

October 24, 2014

Kisstory Science Theatre: Speak of the Dead

Des and Adam take a stroll through the graveyard of the KISS world and reminisce and share their thoughts on some of its inhabitants. Perhaps due to the serious nature of the conversation,it wanders somewhat further from the path than normal in places.

October 16, 2014

Quantum Leap: Glitter Rock Commentary

Glitter Rock Commentary from Kisstory Science Theatre on Vimeo.

The boys from KST; Des, Adam and Lee, take a look at the classic Quantum Leap episode "Glitter Rock". How does KISS fit into this and what do the boys think of this episode?

September 30, 2014


Adam sits down with his father, Kevin Smith (no, not that Kevin Smith) to talk about music, fandom, and, of course, KISS.
Join Des and his special guest Ursula Shaw (also known as Des' mother) for a special trip down memory lane to get a unique perspective on KISS, the KISS Impostors and music in general. And Des learns a long lost fact about his own KISS fandom!
Lee sits down with his dad and talks KISS and a few other things that might get you to think about life in general. How does KISS relate? Crack one (and Lee meant a beer open) and listen to a perspective that comes from the outside looking in.